The family that lowered their electrical bills

Rickard and Ulrika Jellbacks house Sandhem was heated primarily by a wood boiler. Yet the thoughts had long been on installing a stove cassette to take maximum advantage of the heat of a fireplace.
Richard says that the family actually decided to wait to install a stove cassette until they replaced the boiler to a heat pump, but a contest on Facebook turned their planning upside down .
– A friend of mine shared a contest from Keddy where you could win a fireplace cassette including installation. My wife was looking through the entries received and tried to formulate something different from them. Apparently, it appealed to the jury, because we won the first prize. The installation went smoothly. It all was done by Keddy installers and was made in a day – even if Richard would willingly have made a try himself.
– I think it’s fun to learn new things. I work as a toolmaker and would probably say that I’m handy – and especially stubborn. For example, I installed our wood boiler itself with tanks and everything. But it sure was nice to get help. Plus, they had covered the floor and plastic coated in everything so it required no major cleaning effort after they have been here. The insert has just been installed in a few months, but it has already had to prove their worth. In fact, an open fireplace without a cooker cassette pulls large quantities of hot air out of the house through the chimney. This must be replaced with cold air from outside, which in many cases makes the house becomes colder than before the firing. Richard agrees:
– Former fired, mostly for cosiness – gave no direct heat. Therefore, it was also only one to two times a year. Now we burn every weekend. And it gets really hot and nice. When the storm Egon pulled up we were hit by power outages and then got the insert provide heat instead of the boiler. That we now have the fireplace insert gives us the ability to minimize the occasions we use boiler immersion heater when it is coldest in the winter. And that of course saves money.

Keddys fireplaces are a good company – all through life. Each fireplace that leaves our factory is a genuine craftsmanship with cast iron core. And 20-year warranty on the purchase. Typically Keddy.

1. Any installation starts with a building permit from your community. Also check that the chimney is sealed. Contact the chimney sweep if you are unsure.

2. Unpack the fireplace insert. Read the fitting instructions carefully. Determine where in the flue the pipe should be placed. Clean the inside of the hive from the soot with a wire brush and scrape off any loose material. Remove the existing flue damper if it prevents the assembly.

3. Measure the distance from the insert adjacent to the sealing point in the chimney. Assemble the pipes required to reach the sealing point with boiler putty so that every seam is sealed. Insert the pipe-packet with the help of the support leg. Seal between the pipe and chimney with insulation. Fit the pipe in the lower tube with heat resistant sealant.

4. Now it is time to mount the insert. Start by picking out the box and the bottom of the fireplace. If you want to disassemble the body and front / door, open the door / doors fully and unscrew the four bolts. Carefully pull the front towards you.

5. Put the insert into place so that it bumps into the connection pipe and align the body in the right angle using the adjustable feet. Grab the solder protections external connection and drag it into position and tighten it. Make sure that the body is  in the right angle and make any fine adjustments with the stands.

6. Replace the front cover using the four bolts. Be very careful to level them. Install the fireplace interior. Finally, install the log-stopper by hooking it on the fireplace´s inside forefront

7. If the fireplace is narrow hot-air circulation can be improved by making holes in the hive. It is most easily done with the help of a drill. Hole embellished with any of Keddy’s hot air grilles makes an extra focalpoint of beauty. If you want to hide any cavities that may occur between the insert, and the brickwork in the existing fireplace you can mount Keddy Decor frame and grille.

8. Now place the insert in place and you can look forward to many cozy evenings by the fireplace – and lower heating costs. Read carefully through the firing instructions. On there is also a good instructional video to help you burn as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible.