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Om Keddy

Typically Sweden

We love this country – despite the climate. And we continue to manufacture our fireplaces in cast iron. Despite simpler ways. Each fireplace that leaves our factory is a genuine craftsmanship with iron as the main ingredient, designed to warm you throughout your life. Typically Keddy.

Genuine craftsmanship.

Swedish iron art is a history that spans over 500 years back in time. Through the sturdy fireplaces that leaves our factory today we want to carry that legacy forward. It is a craft that requires skill in every detail, but we continue to insist to manufacture our fireplaces in cast iron. Despite simpler ways. Not least because cast iron is an effective heat conductor that provides rapid heating and long cooling times. A material adapted to extreme temperature changes. Which is durable and keeps its shape. Year after year.

Our fireplaces are not like the others.

If you let your hand wander over a fireplace from Keddy you will understand what we are talking about. The cast irons fine surface is dark and cool as a woodland lake. Each line is carefully balanced, every detail carefully thought out. For us, design is about finding a beautiful shape, while getting the most heat of each log. By uniting the Swedish iron tradition, modern design and innovative technology, we are creating fireplaces unlike any other. Furthermore, with 20-year warranty.