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K816 Grey

K816 is designed by award-winning Swedish company: Formacy Design, inspired by modern furnishings and everyday objects such as lamps and wineglasses. Since the structure is cast, we can combine exactly the design we want with the strength and character that only iron can provide.

You can customize your K816 stove to match your home. Choose between black and grey cast iron. Or, replace the material in the side panels and top to heat-retaining soapstone.

K816 is based on the same technology as the other models in the K800 series. The difference is the base, which here consists of a real socket in cast iron.

Fitted floor glass, floor steel plate, hot plate, outdoor air and decorative panel as accessories.


Power (kW) 3-9

Efficiency (%) 80


K816 grå.




The self-regulating damper sets a new security standard for fireplaces in cast iron. The function optimizes combustion and prevents over heating.

100% IRON.

K800 is a sleek cast iron stove which effectively keeps the heat and shape, year after year.


The sleek cover is grounded on the inside. It makes it close tightlier and secure – pure cast iron against iron. You do not need to worry about gaskets that wear out with time.


Preheated combustion air is flushed into the combustion chamber to the large front glass. Combined with dual side glass for better insulation it reduces the risk of soot on the stove’s glass.


The one-piece, durable construction makes us leave the 20-year warranty on the stove cast iron parts.

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