Wood burning stoves

K700 Matted black

K700 Matted BLACK

(EN) K700 is made entirely of cast iron. The space under the fireplace, you can either use to store wood or hide with a decorative panel (optional). As an option there is also a soapstone top that alter the expression and adds even more heat retention.

Bras Facts:

Power (kW) 4-9

Efficiency (%) 83



Keddy_Produkt_K700topmindre luft

K700 with soapstone

K700 is small and compact in size, allowing the show the fire clearly. The space under the stove can be used either to log storing or hidden by a decorative panel.

INNOVATIVE SELF-CLOSING DOOR. Firebox door closes itself when it is open less than 90 degrees.

Flat grounded inside of doors.  It makes it closes tightly and secure – pure cast iron against iron. You do not need to worry about gaskets that wear out with time.

Soot free glass. Preheated combustion air is flushed into the combustion chamber to the inside of  the large front glass.

BEST PERFORMANCE. K700 is one of the market’s most efficient stoves. The efficiency is over 80 percent.

20-YEAR WARRANTY. The one-piece, durable construction makes us leave the 20-year guarantee on cast iron parts.



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