Tile stoves


We would like to say that our stoves are entirely our own work. But the fact is that they are the result of good cooperation between us, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Stockholm Kakelugnsmakeri. We have preserved the classic design dating from the 1700s, but on the inside we’ve introduced a lot of new ideas.

Our stoves are available in three different versions: eggshell white, eggshell white with decor and cobalt blue. Additionally, you can choose between doors and details in nickel plated steel or brass. You can also extend the tiles on the sides and top.


Our stoves have an efficiency of 86 per cent, which is one of the highest values ​​ever measured. Moreover, they are a good choice for the environment. The emissions are very low and allows our stoves to meet even the most stringent environmental requirements with good margin.

Five-meter heat ducts to maximize the performance of each fire. In combination with an efficiency of 86 percent and the long cooling time means that the stove gives a long and even heat.

The high efficiency and the safe design of our stoves to the most environmentally friendly on the market under the Consumer Agency’s test.

Easy to assemble

The tiled stove is delivered as an easily assembled kit. No mortar is required and it is easy to place – in fact, it is equally suited to the straight walls and in the corners.


Christineberg combines nostalgic design and modern technology. Design dating from the 1700s Gustavian period, and developed in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, this is a stove that express the traditional Swedish craftsmanship and a power top class.