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Beautiful, stylish design with austere forms inspired by our heavy masonry stoves. At the same time, the low weight and the handy dimensions to the Carat allowes it to be placed directly on the wooden floor joists and both against a straight wall or in a corner. The hearth is visible no matter where in the room you are. Choose between a panoramic glass or folding doors.

(KW) 10
Efficiency (%) 83
Cooling time (h) <11
Calculated when heating at maximum output for 4 hours.

Keddy Carat med förhöjd sockel

Keddy Carat with elevated plinth


Carat and Carisma is now also available with an elevated plinth (14cm) optional.


You can paint the bright surface layer with plain wall color or texture color according to your own preferences.

Spacious hearth.

The fireplace can hold a lot of wood and quickly heat your home. The front of the stove is resistant, solid cast iron and large glass doors.


Engineered to provide as high, fast and efficient heat bonuses as possible.

LONG cooling time.

The sturdy heat storage provides up to eleven hours of luxurious heat.

Easy to place.

The low weight allows our light masonry stoves to normally be placed directly on normal wooden joist.


The fan is standard.

Models Carisma and Carat is freestanding masonry stoves, with smooth exterior dimensions and innovative design that makes them well suited to position both against a straight wall and in corners.

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