Masonry stoves

A modern interpretation of the fireplace. That is how we look at our masonry stoves. And probably you too, when you notice how the iron and glass doors provide a greater experience of the fire no matter where in the room you are. At the same time, the high effiency of our masonry stoves are designed for the heat to stay in the house instead of being led out through the chimney. In our range you will also find convenient models that can be placed directly on normal wooden joist.

Olivine stone heat storage

Heat storage of olivine stone makes sure that your home retains heat long after the fire has gone out.

High power

kW between 4-10 makes our masonry stoves efficient heat sources.

Spacious hearth

The fireplace can hold a lot of wood and quickly heat your home. The fireplace is made of durable cast iron.

Easily assembled

The construction of pumice stone elements is easy to assembly.

Any colour

You can paint the surface with the of your choice.